Product Pricing

BackupAssist 365 - Special Introductory Pricing

Our licensing is a simple yearly subscription that is based on the number of unique users – see the FAQ below for more details

Software Only

Annual subscription, online purchase
From $1.05 per user per month
  • Suitable for organizations with in-house I.T. expertise
  • Discounts available for volume purchases
  • Cloud to Local Backup (Files)
  • Cloud to Local Backup (Mailbox Data)

Software + Managed Service

Delivered through our MSP Network
From $3.50 per user per month
  • Suitable for organizations who outsource their I.T.
  • Discounts available for volume purchases
  • Cloud to Local Backup (Files)
  • Cloud to Local Backup (Mailbox Data)
  • Installation and configuration
  • Ongoing monitoring and test restores
  • Local personal support
  • Expert technical and regulatory advice

The currency quoted is USD. MSP prices may vary depending on the services provided, and are provided as an indicative price only.

Pricing FAQ

This is very similar to the licensing model for Microsoft 365 and Office 365.

What’s free?

  • SharePoint site document library backups
  • Shared mailboxes
  • Public Folders mailboxes

What’s licensed?

  • User mailboxes
  • User OneDrive for Business storage

A user corresponds to a user identity, which is usually an person identified by an email address.

If a person has multiple aliases, we do not count aliases as separate users. Instead, if multiple aliases are used, we deduplicate them back to the individual person (or in Microsoft’s ecosystem, the Office 365 license).

We understand that some businesses may use multiple cloud services, so we have structured our licensing to be as fair as possible. If the one user uses multiple services (for example, Office 365 hosted email, OneDrive, Dropbox), this counts as one license.

Here is a simple example. Let’s say Acme Inc. uses the following services:

Office 365 email –,,

OneDrive for Business –,,

Dropbox –

The total number of users counted by BackupAssist 365 is 4 (amy, chris, peter and tara).

Software only means that you purchase the software from this website. It will be your responsibility to install, configure and use the software according to your needs. If you choose to purchase the software only option, you will be purchasing the software on an annual subscription, 12 months in advance.

Managed service is a complete backup service that is delivered through our Managed Service Provider partner network. This includes a license to use the software, and value-added services such as configuration, consulting, management and monitoring. This is recommended for companies without internal I.T. departments.

The managed service is usually delivered as part of a larger service which considers your overall I.T. strategy, aims and objectives. This includes considerations such as data retention for compliance purposes, cyber security requirements, as well as data handling procedures and policies that may be required under applicable legislation such as GDPR, HIPAA, PIPEDA, and so on.