Backup & Recovery Champion
In a total of 1,224 interviews with users of I.T. security solutions, across 50 different criteria, BackupAssist achieved the highest award possible – “Champion” status – beating out many market giants including Veritas, IBM, CA and Commvault.

2019 Review
"The Best Cloud Storage and Online Backup Services of 2019"

BackupAssist is an ideal backup solution for a small business because it combines intuitive software with performance and affordability.

Product of the Year - Finalist 2017
The extremely prestigious and competitive TechTarget awards, BackupAssist achieved finalist status, along with six other vendors that included IBM and Veeam. BackupAssist was the only vendor focused exclusively on SMEs, and the only vendor with a product priced starting at under $500.

User Rating of 4.8/5
“Hassle-free backups everyday!”

We've been using BackupAssist for 7 or 8 years now and have been very happy with it. We back up our servers to a NAS device in another one of our buildings. The backups always run as expected and we receive a detailed report via email after the backup is complete.

Community Rating of 4.5/5
"Very high performance/price ratio"

Works almost flawless in a small company setup (4 servers/26 workstations). We are fine with filesystem, SQL and Exchange backup.

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Software Updates

BackupAssist WFH v10.5.6 (104.51 MB)

Upgrade from BackupAssist WFH v6.x/v7.x/v8.x/v9.x

Software Updates Without Prerequisites

BackupAssist WFH v10.5.6 and dependencies (173.59 MB)

For use with older computers, especially those with no Internet access. Includes .Net 4.5.2 and all other pre-requisites.

BackupAssist WFH v10.5.6 .MSI installer (109.54 MB)

For remote and unattended installations of BackupAssist and for integration into system configuration suites.

The following Rsync downloads are for users wanting to setup their own Rsync Server for use with BackupAssist WFH for Rsync. For full instructions, please read the BackupAssist WFH for Rsync Whitepaper.

To use Rsync to synchronise data offsite from one machine to another via a LAN or a WAN, requires both client-side software on the machine where the data is located and server-side software on the machine where the data is to be stored.

  • Client-side software - BackupAssist WFH comes deployed with the necessary Rsync libraries, so no additional software is required.
  • Server-side software (where you are hosting your data) - You can host your data on any Windows or Linux machine. Additional software is required for Windows machines.
A newer paid version of cwRsync is available here
You can use PuTTY to troubleshoot SSH connection issues.
Use these installation scripts to meet GPL compliance standards.

Most Linux distributions contain the prerequisites of a SSH server and Rsync. Please read our BackupAssist for Rsync Whitepaper for more information.

  • License/Version - Both BackupAssist and the cwRsync package contains components with following terms of licensing:
ComponentVersionLicensingIn ShortDownloadPatches
Rsync 3.0.7Rsync licenseFree to use (GPL)Download source Rsync
Cygwin and GNU tools1.5.25-15CYGWIN licenseFree to use (GPL mostly)Download source
OpenSSH5.1p1OpenSSH licenseFree to use (BSD)
OpenSSL0.9.8hOpenSSL licenseFree to use (BSD)
cwRsync (the rest!)2.1.5cwRsync licenseFree to use (MIT License)
rsyncrypto1.12GPLFree to use (GPL)Download sourcersyncrypto

Latest Reseller Versions

BackupAssist WFH v10.5.6 (104.51 MB)

Upgrade from BackupAssist WFH v6.x/v7.x/v8.x/v9.x

Reseller Updates Without Prerequisites

BackupAssist WFH v10.5.6 and dependencies (173.59 MB)

For use with older computers, especially those with no Internet access. Includes .Net 4.5.2 and all other pre-requisites.

BackupAssist WFH v10.5.6 .MSI installer (109.54 MB)

For remote and unattended installations of BackupAssist WFH and for integration into system configuration suites.

Within 30 days, you'll master:

  • Backup for essential and enhanced cyber-resilience.
  • Full server recovery and Hyper-V rapid recovery.
  • Restoring files, mailbox items in Exchange, and other common data retrieval tasks after user accidents.
  • Advanced tasks like restoring Hyper-V VMs, SQL databases

Here’s a typical plan to become cyber-resilient within 30 days. It’ll take about 2-4 hours per week over the next four weeks. After the free trial, you won’t just have backups; you’ll also have a well tested disaster recovery plan that you can put into action when disaster strikes.

Week 1

Backing up for essential cyber-resilience. Preparing for full system recovery, and setting up onsite, offsite and offline backups. Reviewing your goals and budget.

Week 2

Test recoveries: performing dry-runs of full server recovery (BMDR), and where appropriate, Hyper-V Rapid VM Recovery and Exchange Granular Restore.

Week 3

Backing up for enhanced cyber-resilience. Implementing multiple layers of protection that will complement each other – including cloud offsite backups, file replication for extensive version keeping, backing up workstation shares, and where appropriate, archival backups to tape.

Week 4

Putting together your Disaster Recovery Plan, with the assistance of our template. For large deployments, free trying Multisite Manager.

You too can join the other hundreds of thousands of organizations in 165 countries that we've helped become cyber-resilient.

Since 2002, BackupAssist has helped thousands of organizations become cyber-resilient. Let us help you too.

What do our clients say?

About backupassist

Linus Chang
Founder and CEO
of BackupAssist
Hello, my name is Linus Chang and I’m the creator of BackupAssist.

I first became aware of the need for backups when I worked at my university’s helpdesk. A PhD student come in with a broken floppy disk, asking for help. We tried some recovery techniques which failed… and then she broke down uncontrollably, seeing 3 years of her research and her mostly-complete thesis simply vanish.

Fast forward a few years, I saw the same problems in a business context. Why was it so difficult to back up a Windows Server? We were using batch scripts, and silent failures were a huge risk.

As a long time computer programmer (I started in 1985, aged 8, on the Apple //c), I decided to take action and write BackupAssist. That was in 2002. Fast forward to today, we’ve helped hundreds of thousands of I.T. administrators get reliable backups, and most importantly, get their data back when it matters the most. We’ve done the thinking and hard work, so you can follow a simple plan.

In the age of cyber crime and ransomware – let’s all stay cyber-resilient.
Client Success

Hello there, I’m Craig from Client Success.

First and foremost, I am a consumer just like you, faced with personal and business choices every day.

I suspect that something we have in common is that we have, somewhere along the line, shared the disappointment associated with making the “wrong choice.” Either the product or service we choose or the support available after the purchase, failed to live up the hype and our expectations.

My mission at BackupAssist is to insure that our Clients can confidently proclaim to their friends and colleagues that their decision to choose BackupAssist is the “RIGHT CHOICE.”

We are all human and things don’t always go as planned. The great news is that you can count on us to be helpful, available, and ready to provide solutions.

It is our privilege to serve you and I readily welcome your feedback, whether we exceed your expectations or have room for improvement.